Ten Articles of Faith 本會基本信仰

  1. Jesus Christ the Word who became flesh, died on the cross for the redemption of sinners, resurrected on the third day, and ascended to heaven. He is the only Savior of mankind, the Creator of the heavens and earth, and the only true God. (1Tim 3:16; 1 Cor 15:3-4; Acts 4:12) 信耶穌係道成肉身,為拯救罪人代死在十字架上,第三天復活,升天;祂是人類唯一之救主,天地之主宰,獨一之真神。

  2. The Holy Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is inspired by God, the only scriptural truth, and the standard for Christian living. (2 Tim 3:16)信新,舊約聖經係神所默示的,為證明真道唯一之根據,及信徒生活之準則。

  3. The True Jesus Church, established by our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit during the time of the ‘latter rain’, is the restored true church of the apostolic time. (Joel 2:23; Amos 9:11) 信本教會係耶穌基督藉晚雨聖靈所設立,為復興使徒教會之真教會。

  4. Water baptism is the sacrament for the remission of sins for regeneration. The baptism must take place in natural living water, such as the river, sea, or spring. The Baptist, who already has had received baptism of water and the Holy Spirit, conducts the baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And the person receiving the baptism must be completely immersed in water with head bowed and face downward. (Jn 3:5; Mt 3:16; Act 2:38, 10:48) 信水浸係赦罪重生之典禮,必須由已受水靈二浸者,奉主耶穌聖明,在活水中給受浸者予以低下頭之全身浸禮。

  5. Receiving the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues, is the guarantee of our inheritance of the kingdom of heaven.(Rom 8:16; Eph 1:13-14) 信受聖靈係得天國基業之憑據,並以說靈言為受聖靈之明證。

  6. The sacrament of footwashing enables one to have a part with the Lord Jesus. It also serves as a constant reminder that one should have love, holiness, humility, forgiveness, and service. Every person who has received water baptism must have his/her feet washed in the name of Jesus Christ. Mutual footwashing may be practiced whenever is appropriate.(Jn 13:1-7) 信洗腳禮係與主有分,及教訓相愛,聖潔,謙卑,服事,饒恕之典禮。對每一個受浸者,要奉主耶穌的名給予洗腳一次;至於彼此洗腳,必要時亦可行之。

  7. The Holy Communion is the sacrament to commemorate the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. It enables us to partake of the flesh and blood of our Lord and to be in communion with Him so that we can have eternal life and be raised on the last day. This sacrament shall be held as often as possible. Only one unleavened bread and grape juice shall be used.(1Cor 10:17, 11:26; Jn 6:53; Mk 14:24-25) 信聖餐為紀念主死,同領主肉,主血,與主聯合,能得永生,在末日復活之典禮。要時常舉行,但必須用一個無酵餅及葡萄汁舉辦之。

  8. The Sabbath day, the seventh day of the week (Saturday), is a holy day, blessed and sanctified by God. It is to be observed under the Lord’s grace for the commemoration of God’s creation and salvation, and with the hope of eternal rest in the life to come.(Gen 2:2-3; Heb 4:9-11) 信安息日(星期六)為神賜福之聖日。但要在恩典下紀念其創造及救贖之恩,並盼望來世永遠安息而遵守之。

  9. Salvation is given by the grace of God through faith. Believers must rely on the Holy Spirit to pursue holiness, to honor God, and to love humanity.(Eph 2:8) 信得救本係本乎恩,也因著信。但必須倚靠聖靈追求聖潔,實踐敬神愛人之經訓。

  10. The Lord’s Second Coming will take place on the last day when He descends from heaven to judge the world: the righteous will receive eternal life, while the wicked will be eternally condemned.(Mt 25:31-34; 1 Thess 4:16-17) 信主耶穌必於世界末日,從天降臨,審判萬民,義人得永生,惡人受永刑