2018 Full-time Minister Theological Training Program Recruitment

In Announcements by TJC

Canadian Coordination Centre (CCC) is seeking to recruit two students for the
Theological Training Program of the True Jesus Church in Canada.
The Theological Training Program is designed to:
1. Orient the students with biblical knowledge
2. Promote their knowledge, spiritual virtues and wisdom
3. Equip students with ministerial skills in serving the Lord and His church
4. Provide opportunities and guidance for them to perform ministerial duties and
church administration
5. To be ordained as a full time Preacher of the CCC.
I. Type of Classes
1. Theological Training Program (TTP) of the True Jesus Church.
II. Duration of Courses:
1. The duration of courses is 3 years. The courses are divided into 6 semesters.
2. The TTP student is required one additional year of practical training after
completing the courses.

III. Curriculum and Instructors:
1. Curriculum: Follow USGA’s TTP Program.
2. Instructors: Experienced ministers assigned by USGA’s TTP Program.
IV. Qualifications of the Applicants:
The following qualifications are required for the applicants:

1. Baptized in the True Jesus Church for at least three (3) years

2. At least 21 years of age but not over 45 years old (To be ordained as a full-
time minister, the graduates must be 27 years old). Those who are over 45

years old will be considered case by case.
3. With sufficient Bible knowledge, a firm belief in the Ten Articles of Faith of True
Jesus Church, and strongly motivated to serve the Lord and His church
4. Experienced in church ministry for more than two years
5. Full of the Holy Spirit
6. Language skills: Fluent in English and conversational Mandarin Chinese
7. Canadian citizen or permanent resident
8. Willing to travel and accept overseas assignments
9. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational level
V. Application Procedure and Evaluation
1. Applicants must complete and email their applications to:
Attention: Training Department
2. The applicants must submit along with their applications an essay stating the
motivation and purposes of joining the ministry.
3. A written recommendation is required from the local church council. The
recommendation shall be approved by a two-third majority of the council
members and should be sent directly to the CCC.
4. CCC is responsible for screening and evaluating the applicants’ qualifications.
Qualified applicants must take a written and oral examination, and will be
interviewed by the CCC EXCO.

VI. Compensation
1. CCC-subsidized students:
a. The first year’s living allowance is equal to 80% of the first year full-time
minister/staff with the same family size.

b. The second year’s living allowance is equal to 90% of the first year full-
time minister/staff with the same family size

c. The third year’s living allowance is equal to 95% of the first year full-time
minister/staff with the same family size.

d. Teaching materials, lodging, boarding, and transportation related to the
Program will be provided by the CCC.
VII. Services and Assignments After Graduation
1. After successful completion of the required course work and internship at the
churches or houses of prayer in Canada and IA designated areas, CCC will
review the performance of the candidates. If they meet all the requirements,
CCC will ordain the candidates as full-time Preachers of the CCC.
2. His duties, as a minimum, will include evangelizing, pastoral, sermon delivery,
educating members on the biblical knowledge, and tending to members’
spiritual needs.

VIII. Training Program Schedule
1. Application deadline: June 30, 2018
2. Examination: October 2018
3. Classes begin: September 2019
May God bless and guide your ministry always!
In Christ,

Michael Chu
Acting Chairman
Canadian Coordination Centre
Attachments: 2018 TTP Application Form